Sunday, September 10, 2017

Italy Final Day

These two weeks went by so fast - I can't believe that the last day happened so soon. The last trip we head north of Milano to a another small resort town of Como on Lake Como. It takes a little over 2 hours to arrive and we get aboard a private boat to take a tour of the lake. There are many famous people who own many of these mansions.

After the cruise and about an hour to wander around town, we load back on the bus to go further north across the border into Switzerland to another small resort town of Lugano on Lake Lugano. We had 2 hours to walk around and enjoy many delights such as Swiss chocolate.

 Both Como and Lugano turned out to be both quite cute pleasant towns that we enjoyed. Now we can say that we have been in Switzerland also.

Being our last day, we had our final group dinner at a great restaurant that presented a five course meal. Needless to say, we went back to the hotel quite content. We all said our goodbyes to the people  we have shared the past 2 weeks with. It turned out to be a great group, small and quite fun. We had a wonderful tour guide that made sure everything took place without a hitch. Both Jim and I had a wonderful trip, was extremely satisfied with Perillo Tours and all accommodations. So glad we decided to go this route versus going on our own. We saw the highlights of Italy with no stress.

Saturday we took a taxi at 5:30am to the Linate airport to catch our 8am flight to Rome to catch our flight home connecting through Atlanta. We had absolutely no problems getting out of Italy, in fact it went so well that we had so much waiting time. But getting through customs in Atlanta was quite the hassle. The lines were long, took over an hour to get through customs then security again to walk a long ways to our gate for our flight to Tucson. But we made it home after 24 hours. Needless to say we were a bit tired. I really don't want to get on an airplane no time too soon again. But even with the traveling, overall we had a wonderful time, but I'm glad to be home.

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  1. Yes it was a long trip home, but sure enjoyed Italy.


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