Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekend Work Day

Well it finally warmed up so we could get out in the yard to do some work. Jim was ambitious so we attacked another branch on an almost dead tree on the North side of the house that we are gradually taking down.
Unfortunately I didn't take a picture when he first cut the branch down, it filled in the whole area. This is after I made several trips from the North side of the house to the South side.
Yes the golf cart is a real work horse! But this was just the small stuff.
Here's the real fuel for the fire out on the patio on these cool nights.

Jim's truck got washed after the tree branch got cleaned up, then a spin in the Super Snake to make us "relax", now we are enjoying a wine from our trip to Napa Valley and watching the UA BB game. 

The way the game is going, a second bottle might be opened. (Half time and one bottle is gone already, second bottle -sure).

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Cruise

It finally warmed up enough with bright sunshine that we were able to get out for an afternoon cruise.

We started the day with a short walk while Kim and Emily enjoyed a dip in the jacuzzi (a little too cold for me). After the cruise we settled in for snacks while enjoying the Rose Bowl game.

Chuck and Kim presented a wonderful prime rib dinner which we enjoyed the evening out on the patio under the heaters. It was really great to enjoy bringing in the New Year with family.

We're heading east on I10 now with ETA Tucson around 3:30 where the high for the day is only 46 degrees. I'll be glad when our normal weather returns. This cold snap has not been pleasant hence the returning to Tucson one day early.