Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beat the Heat

This last Saturday promised to get to 108 degrees in Tucson, so we decided to get a bit of relief and head up to Mount Lemmon. Packed the little grill, ice chest and snacks and headed for the mountain. We drove around just looking at cabins for awhile, went to see Jim's cabin he sold there, which looked about the same. Then settled in for a late afternoon of enjoying the scenery and cooler weather.

We stopped at a picnic area just down from Summerhaven, got all set up to sit back and relax and enjoy. But it just became a little cool with the stiff breeze. We even put on light jackets, but just not comfortable. So packed up and headed farther down the mountain.

We found a perfect spot where it was the perfect temperature and hardly any people, so set up the ice chest and grill. Settled back with a glass of wine, then Jim proceeded to grill the best brats we have had (anything to do with eating in the beautiful forest?). Of course we finished our great meal with S'mores.
It was so pleasant just to get out of the heat and enjoy the outdoors. We need to do this more often.