Thursday, September 14, 2017

New Blog Site

New Blog Address:

I have created a new blog site for all our future postings. A couple of reasons for this move - the problem I had with this site switching over to Italian when we were in Italy, I was unable to post (couldn't read Italian and was just too frustrating). Second, I got complaints of the inability to make comments when didn't have a google account.

So, after using my wordpress blog backup for Italy, I discovered that it worked a whole lot better and made my life a little simpler, plus now I expect to get lots of comments from my viewers on my posts. (Please note that comments can be made anonymous, with your name only(preferred so I know who is posting) or with email. The comment will not be posted until I approve it to prevent any comments to show that are not appropriate).

This site will remain available for all my old posts. Just too much information on this site to get rid of it.

So please go over to my new site and signup to follow my new site to know where we might be heading next.

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