Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cabo San Lucas

We have a "Bingo Star" - Jim won the first bingo game Monday afternoon a total of $105. It paid for the bingo ($49) plus a little profit. Then that evening after a great meal in one of the restaurants we took in the nightly show. Some good music.

 We sailed into Cabo around 9am yesterday and went right past the famous rock formation at the point to the harbor where people pay big bucks to see (oh we pay big bucks to see only from a bigger boat!) This pic was taken from our stateroom. We had a wonderful view going in to anchor.
 It's a nice little harbor/cove at Cabo. Then we took tenders into shore.

There are shops and restaurants all along the marina. We walked directly to Diamonds International to pick up a free bracelet and Jim proceeded to bargain a excellent price on a Tanzanite bracelet and earrings . They are just beautiful and am wearing them all the time now. I'll need to take a picture to post. 
It was such hard work bargaining that we needed to stop for a beer. We found this neat little hut for $1 draft beers. Such a deal.
 This is our cruise ship, picture taken from a point on shore.
 It's a typical touristy Mexican town. We had pleasant weather and enjoyed our walk around the marina area.
Our ship set sail again at 6pm and we are on our way south. We had a glass of wine on deck enjoying the beautiful weather before dinner. Went to the Chinese restaurant but didn't like it as much, the food just wasn't up to par. Visited the casino then another event before retiring for the evening.

When we plugged our phones/watches to charge for the night, we discovered that our 110 electrical outlets were not working. That morning when I plugged in my curling iron I heard a pop and it wouldn't work. I thought it was the curling iron that went out and threw it away. Now we discover it was the outlets that were not working. They only have 2 outlets in the whole room/none in the bathroom even. I called services to get it fixed this morning, but we had to go find a place to charge our phones/watches as they were totally down. Believe me, it's hard to find 110 outlets on this ship. We ended up at the art gallery desk where we found a computer plugged in that had a power strip with 2 empty spots. So had to sit for about 45minutes to get charged. They did get our outlets fixed so we are back in business.

One complaint I have (and a big complaint it is) that you have to pay for wifi (which is satellite and quite slow), which is $125 for 250 minutes. Well 250 minutes just doesn't last very long especially since it takes so long to accomplish anything. So if later on you don't see many posts, I'm running out of time. We haven't been checking out emails and Jim is going through withdrawals for not playing his games. Just have to keep him busy doing other things.

This is our last sea day today before we get to stops everyday. Sea days are hard to fill since we are not the type to sit out by the pool or can eat and/or drink all day. So we have excursions on the next  5 stops that will keep us busy and seeing the sites. Will try to keep our blog updated. Having a great time and the weather is finally warm.

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