Friday, February 10, 2017

Welcome to Acapulco!

Arrived in the Acapulco bay early morning to enjoy a nice sunrise.

It was a 1 sea day trip from Cabo, so was anxious to leave the ship again. This time they docked so did not need to take a tender to shore. Here is where we docked.

The views from the ship were great, we could see all of Acapulco and bay. It's a very pretty bay.

 They even had a welcoming band and dancers for us.
We took the Bay Cruise excursion and this was the boat that gave us a very good tour of the bay, offered unlimited drinks and lunch.
The cliff divers draw most of the attention here. Our bay cruise included seeing them jump. They jump from the cliff on the left into the cove. There are divers standing on the cliff, but can't see them in this picture. They dive 136 feet into this little cove.
Here's looking at the high rises which are mostly condos.
And they assured us that it was safe!!!! Then the first cruise we take and get robbed by a pirate.
We had a really nice time, didn't see much of the city itself, but what we saw was your typical Mexican town. Did walk a bit along the bay.

Been enjoying our trip so far, great food, plenty to drink and the weather is great. It's been smooth sailing all along except for today, the seas are angry, so doing a bit of bobbing around, you think we had too much to drink walking around. We have a sea day today then will be in port tomorrow. So the next post won't be until probably Sunday.

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