Monday, February 6, 2017

Canal Adventure

You probably have guessed where we are headed (especially my FB friends since Cindy guessed correctly) - a cruise through the Panama Canal. We left out of LA (only an hour late boarding and 2 hours late departing because of a Coast Guard inspection). But we are on our way. The weather in LA was overcast and cool but we were still able to have our Bloody Mary upon embarking the ship at the Sky High Bar.

We are sailing on the Norwegian Jewell which offers free styling which means you eat and drink when you want and no formal anything. Which fits us the best. Here is a view of the upper deck pool area.
 Since it was dark when we left the harbor, we didn't get to see much. Our first day is a sea day and it is still cool, the sun did come out some to help, but hopefully when we get further south it will warm up. Here is a view from the stern.
Here's another shot of the pool area after the sun came out today. The ship holds approx. 2100 passengers and 1000 crew. The buffet is very good which we tried last night for dinner, breakfast and lunch. Need to branch out to some of the other restaurants they have, but you can get whatever you want at the buffet which makes it quite convenient.

Our stateroom is on the 11th deck (14 is the top deck) and climbing the stairs from the 6th floor to the 11th has become our workouts for the day. I took approx. 12000 steps and climbed 33 floors yesterday. Needless to say our legs are sore, but great way to work off all those calories. This morning we started out with a 45 minute walk around the deck, then tested the Casino and walked away with a little profit of $45.

Bingo is about to start in about a 1/2 hour, so need to run and get our cards and seats (also maybe a glass of wine).

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