Monday, November 23, 2015

Yes We Have Fall Colors in AZ

This morning I went for my annual search for fall colors in my favorite spot - Sabino Canyon. Yes there is minimal color found, but it's still a beautiful hike.

The weather is spectacular in the mid 70s, with bright blue skies.
 It's just so pleasant hiking in Sabino Canyon, no matter what time of the year - well maybe when it's over 100 degrees, I might not like it, but then you go at sunrise to beat the heat. But I think the spring with the wildflowers and the fall with the colors are probably the best.
 I had a very pleasant 4 mile hike this morning enjoying nature. It's been awhile since I've enjoyed it (maybe since my last post when we went to Mt. Lemmon).
We've pretty much been laying low and not doing a whole lot, just some much needed yard work around the house. We have gone out to some art festivals around town and also the one in Tubac. We played golf a couple of weeks back and have gone bowling a few times, but other than that, not doing a whole bunch. Jim is quite busy at work, so we even cancelled going over to Indio in the RV over Thanksgiving. I believe this will be our first Thanksgiving at home. We will still have a grilled turkey enjoying the evening out on the patio with a nice bottle of wine and probably watching football or basketball.

Here are a couple more paintings I have completed. With staying home, it gives me time to paint. Both of these paintings are on 18x24 canvas'. I have two more in the works hopefully to complete within a week or two.

Hopefully we will make it over to our place in Indio with the RV over Christmas and New Years. It'll be nice to get back over there to enjoy the daily golf, great weather and the outstanding meals we have at the restaurant. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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