Sunday, November 29, 2015

Impromptu Phoenix Trip

Yesterday morning we saw that there was an 2016 Model Auto Show at the Phoenix Conference Center so we proceeded to pack an overnight bag and took off. We parked at the Sheraton where we were staying and walked a block to the show. Spent several hours looking at all the new model cars, but didn't find anything really impressive. All the auto makers were represented. If we needed to replace the Lincoln today, don't know what we would purchase. Didn't like the new MKX or any other SUV. The only really impressive cars were the ones blocked off so you couldn't get really close. Of course I like the Aston Martin.

Here Jim is trying to figure out where he would park this Lamborghini.

We spent the evening enjoying some appetizers we picked up in the Club Room, taking them back to our room with a bottle of wine we brought along. Then we went to the District Restaurant in the Sheraton for a great dinner. They serve you cotton candy for desert, completely different.

Here is a nighttime view from our 29th floor room. We were overlooking the Diamond Backs and Suns stadiums. Being Starwood Platinum members, we get room upgrade, which turned out to be a very nice suite. 

After overindulgence in good food from the night before, we both exercised this morning before we went for a light breakfast in the Club Room, then headed back home.

Enjoyed our little get away for something different. 

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