Sunday, December 20, 2015

Annual Holiday Trip

We pulled out of Tucson Thursday at 11 a.m on our trek over to Indio for the holidays. We had a wonderful family dinner Wednesday evening for our Christmas gathering, and it was great that the whole family was able to be there. 

Arrived at our lot just after sunset on Thursday, but the sun sets here at early at 4:30 PST, got set up and headed directly to the restaurant for a prime rib dinner.  Friday the motor home got washed and boy was it dirty after close to 5,000 miles. Got the lot set up for occupation on the patio as we grilled chicken at home and watched basketball Friday evening.

The temps here are in the mid to high 60s, so not too bad but the nights get cold. The refrigerator in the casita is having a bit of a problem, so we had a repair person look at it. They need to order parts which will take longer than we are here for, so will need to call ahead of the next time we come to order before we get here. As for now, it will limp along. Saturday after watching the UA football game, we went out for our first round of golf, then headed up to the restaurant for dinner.

The restaurant is nicely decorated for the holidays.

Jim goes for his 6+ mile walk in the mornings while I go for my bike ride. This is the only way we can keep the weight from creeping up to much with all the good food. We just got off the golf course and enjoying a beer before we head up to the restaurant again tonight.

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