Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar Eclipse

Enjoyed the show in the sky last evening watching the lunar eclipse. Of course my pictures are not that great, but this is from our back patio.

This was before the total eclipse. It was amazing to watch the moon slowly turn red.

Well, to catch up, it's been a month since we arrived home from our trip and we were glad to be back after 3 weeks on the road. But our travels were quite pleasant and got to see and experience many new places. We deemed it a successful trip and look forward to getting the RV back on the road again.

It took about a week to get back into the groove again, but have been keeping busy with our normal chores and hobbies, and getting acclimated to the hot, muggy monsoon weather again. My rain gauge registered 2.6" of rain while we were gone, so take in account for evaporation we probably had over 3" of rain and received another 3.3" of rain since we have been back. I believe that the monsoon season is finally over and thankfully less humidity.

I finally got back to my schedule in painting and have completed two new paintings since being back. "Hummingbird in Flowers" is on a 30x24 canvas, whereas the "Springtime in Tucson Mountains" is 24x18.

To escape the hot weather, we headed up to Mount Lemmon on the 20th to do a little hiking in the fresh, cool air.
We took a picnic lunch to enjoy before our hike. Wildflowers are still in bloom in the higher climates, so enjoyed seeing all the green and flowers. Mount Lemmon has had quite a bit of rain this season also, so everything is so lush.

 No trips planned until right before Thanksgiving, where we will head over to Indio for a couple of weeks. But you never know what might happen between now and then, we just might get an itch to go somewhere.

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