Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Retreat

We made it to Indio Saturday around 12:30 after an easy (very little traffic) drive. This is our annual trip we make to enjoy the beautiful spot, relaxing boat rides and great food at the restaurant (and many walks and bike rides to work off all the calories).

Watching the Wildcats play Saturday afternoon was quite pleasant since they pulled out a win at the last minute. Since installing HD satellite TV on our trip to Newell, it's so much better. We even didn't have any problems hooking up the patio TV. Amazing! But now I'm having problems with our in-motion satellite.
Then on to our first cruise for the trip where the wine always tastes much better with such beautiful scenery.
Sunset wasn't spectacular, but acceptable. We grilled steaks and enjoyed the evening on the patio. 
Sunday morning brought strong winds, so most of the day was spent indoors. But we did get in our morning walk and afternoon round of golf. Enjoyed our evening dinner at the club. Today, the wind has gone away so after getting the coach washed, we will start our routine all over again.

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