Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bragging Rights

Since I am the author of this blog, I have built-in rights to brag all I want!!

 Monday the wind finally died down, so it was an absolutely beautiful day. We headed out to the golf course about 1pm to take in all this sunshine. It started out to be a normal day playing golf, but on the 4th hole - I shot a hole-in-one! Of course it is a short hole at about 60 yards, but for me a hole-in-one is a huge feat.
I completed the round 3 over par. So all-in-all, a good day. Of course we celebrated at the restaurant by ordering a very nice bottle of wine.
Tues. was another day in paradise with temps in the high 70s, light wind and plenty of sunshine. Enjoyed our morning walk/bike ride (Jim walks almost 5 miles and I ride my bike for about 11 miles), a round of golf in the afternoon, a cruise on the water for cocktail (wine) hour then dinner. The restaurant is closed on Tues, so grilled a couple of chicken breasts and enjoyed the evening on our patio watching basketball. Of course, Wed. we will perform all these tasks all over again.

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