Saturday, November 22, 2014

Local Car Auction

We found a car auction in Palm Springs, so we headed out on Friday (since it was free admission on Friday) to look at the cars.
It's a small auction compared to Mecum or Barrett-Jackson, but there were a few interesting cars there.
It seems that Jim is inspecting the "other" make instead of Ford. There were a few Mustangs there, but nothing worth writing about. But a few Chevy's did draw the eye. As you can see by the following picture, the auction was quite small.
 Here's a 67 Corvette that Jim enjoyed looking at. It probably only took us about an hour to look at all the cars, but since it was free, how can you beat that.

We've been playing golf every day except Friday. Jim shot an even par round on Thurs, which beat my 3 over par round. Weather has been great with highs in the high 70s and looks to continue throughout next week. The nights get cool though, down in the low 50s, so takes awhile in the morning to warm up enough to go for our walk/bike ride.

It's Sat. so it's Lobster night at the restaurant, looking forward to that. With all these calories we are eating, we need to start exercising first thing in the morning and continue until evening to work them off. So we are heading out soon for our first round of exercise and see how long we can last.

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