Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monterey Stop

We made the trip north in about 2 hours yesterday from Paso Robles to just south of Gilroy. We are staying in a park (another tight squeeze) north of Monterey (about 5 miles south of Gilroy on Hwy 101) because we couldn't find a RV park to accommodate us closer to Monterey. We arrived around noon yesterday, after setting up we took off for wineries in this area. We didn't find any that really fit our tastes. This one winery looked nice but didn't like their wines.
This area is a big farming area and our driving around for the wineries, we found this small farm store with fresh vegetables. We picked up some corn (that tasted great), tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, all at very reasonable prices along with being fresh.
Today, we headed down to Monterey and went on the 17 mile drive ending up in Carmel. Here is the famous Lone Cypress.
 It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny warm day. It started out overcast (usual for the coastline) and in the low 60s, but it warmed up to the mid to high 70s.
 From Carmel, we traveled inland along the Camel Valley Road to Carmel Valley Village where there must be about 10 wine tasting rooms. We sampled a few and came back with some bottles.
Here is one of the better wineries.
This one looked great, but didn't like the wine, plus we felt they were extremely overpriced.
Finally headed back to the RV (which with the traffic it took a long time). Tomorrow we head out for the real reason for our trip to this area.

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