Thursday, August 14, 2014

Car Auction-Monterey

Yes we are attending another Mecum Car Auction. We are not in the market to buy, that's good, because none of the cars in this auction are of any interest to us.

Today we walked around and looked at all the cars, then watched the auction for about 3 hours then came back to the RV where we will enjoy a quiet evening with a glass of wine and BBQ chicken and some more fresh corn. The auction is held at the Del Monte Golf Course, so all the cars are outside and the auction is in a tented area with seating. We watched from the Gold Members lounge where they serve free beer (usually they also have soda's free, but here you have to pay for a soda, but the beer is free, so guess what we were drinking?)

The car selection is quite disappointing with only a few nice classic muscle cars. Friday and Sat. are the same schedule at the auction, then we move out and head north on Sunday.

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  1. I just watched this on TV the other day. What the heck was with all the VW buses? I can understand the really old ones with all the windows, but the newer ones aren't really collectables. It was cool to see the two cars donated by members of Greenday. 3.75 mil for a Porsche Spyder.Yikes!


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