Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sonoma County

Sunday was our traveling day. It was only a 2 1/2 hour drive from Gilroy to Petaluma where we are parked to take day trips to wineries in Sonoma County and Napa County. Even though it was only a   2 1/2 hour trip it was plenty stressful because of the heavy traffic going through the East Bay, but we made it in one piece. Checking in at the KOA park in Petaluma, the girl gave us the wrong directions to our site so Jim had to do some maneuvering through trees and around corners to get into the site in the correct direction. But got all settled then headed out to find some close by wineries.

Our first afternoon tasting wines was a little bit out of the Twilight Zone, because we put in an address in the GPS and there wasn't anything there. (We were in a very rural area west of Petaluma). Finally gave up with this area and went over by the city of Sonoma, where we finally found some wineries. We came back with only a few bottles of wine.

Once back at the RV, we were having problems with the electricity, where the power kept fluctuating so the surge box kept turning off the power to the coach to protect all our electronics. So ran on battery power overnight. Next morning we got a maintenance person out to check it and all seemed all right. Guess it was just a fluke with the surges because everything seems fine now.

Monday we headed up the Dry Creek area in Sonoma County. This is the area from last year that we enjoyed the wines the most. We visited Pedroncelli, Fritz and here at Sbragia Winery Jim tasted their grapes. They were quite ripe and sweet.

I just love visiting the wineries this time of the year to see such beautiful, ripe grapes hanging from the vines.
A view of the valley looking South.
Then we visited our favorite winery - Ferrari-Carano where we ended up purchasing over 2 cases of wine. This is the whole reason we came back to this area, because they do not ship to AZ so have to go to the winery to purchase the wines we like. So we bought enough to last us awhile (well maybe a few months.)
We visited several more wineries, a couple were quite bad, but didn't purchase any more wine.
After a long hard day on the wine trail, we needed some R&R (it's tough having to taste all those wines.)
Today, it's off to Napa Valley. Jim is researching which wineries we will be visiting.

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