Monday, August 11, 2014

Hearst Castle

Today we started out at the coast at Hearst Castle for a tour. I can't believe the people that go there - it was quite crowded. I thought for a Monday it would not be too many people, but not so. We got there about 10:30 but was able to get onto the 11:00 tour. You take a bus up the hill 5 miles to the castle to start the tour.

We took the Grand Rooms Tour, so here is the living room (at a measly 2500 sq. ft).

Hearst was into ceilings and this is the one in the living room.

 The dining room was impressive.
After the tour we walked around the grounds. Here is the pool (which in pictures is always blue), but minus the water. I guess with the water shortage in CA they drained all the fountains and pools.
Here is a picture of the front of the castle.
The view from the top.
After Hearst Castle, we drove south on 101. Stopped at Harmony Cellars - nothing good. Then went into Cayucos, visited Cayucos Cellars, but they also didn't have any good wines. But the person there recommended this Fish Smokehouse for their fish tacos. Nothing to write home about, in fact I was quite disappointed.

We hit a few more wineries on the way back to the RV and we didn't find anything we liked. I don't know if it was our taster or the wines just were not to our liking. At one winery we saw this old wine press.
Here is the Niner Winery, looks great on the outside and the inside was quite pleasant, but wine not so much.

Hit the grocery store then headed back to the RV for a quiet evening (can you believe that they charge $.10 for a paper bag and $.15 for a plastic bag? Only in CA). Packing up and heading up the coast tomorrow morning.

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