Sunday, August 10, 2014

Finally After 7 Months

It's been 7 months since we have had the RV on the road and it feels good to stretch our legs again and be back in the Captains chair heading down the highway.
As you can tell, we are heading West to CA, our first stop over was the lot in Indio for the night before heading out early Sat. morning to destinations West.
We always find wine country, so our first stop is Paso Robles. It's another Sonoma/Napa County. I'm surprise of the amount of wineries here - heard about 300. Warm days and cool nights.
The country side is beautiful with rolling hills, with vineyards surrounding the whole area. We got into the Wine Country RV Resort around 1pm, pulled into our lot but we had a problem with a tree on the passenger side, that would not let us extend out rear slide out. So, got maintenance to come over and trim a tree. Another tight squeeze. After settling in, we headed out for wine tasting and hit about 5 wineries. We were surprised at the quality of wines. Came back with a few to add to our selection. We enjoyed the evening listening to a live band that the RV Park had at their little park area.
 This morning we headed out for our major wine tasting tour which took us on back roads we would not have traveled, some paved some not. Needless to say the dirt roads got the Lincoln dirty. But we hit some really good wineries.
Some of these mom & pop wineries are quite good such as this Fratelli Peratta Merlot.
 Here's Jim tasting the grapes off the vine.
Some of the wineries we went way back into the country to find them such as this one that was back in the trees that you would never had believed you were heading to a winery. This is the road to get out of the place.
 One of the better wineries we stopped at was Opolo - they have great Zin's. We even joined their wine club so we could buy the varieties we wanted.
All and all it was a good day. Came back with 2 cases of wines from a variety of wineries. And we were being selective. I am impressed with Paso Robles wines.

After a rough day on the wine trail, we are just sitting back, grilling some ribs and to bed early to hit it again tomorrow.

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