Saturday, July 5, 2014

Spectacular Fireworks

Last evening (the 4th) we watched the fireworks over the harbor from our room terrace. One of the launching barges was right off the hotel in the bay, then another barge was more west in the bay and I believe a couple were more east from here, which the show was synchronized between all of them. Here are a few shots of the 20+ minute show (except the first picture was the sunset while we were awaiting the main show.)

This morning after breakfast, we drove to Mission Bay and road our bikes around the permitter of the bay approx. 17 miles. It took us a couple of hours because you are unable to pick up any speed because of all the other people on the path, plus we took a few unwanted detours because we didn't know the way. There are sections of great pathway, then it just stops and you need to figure how to get to the next section. Even though we had a map, it didn't help, but there were some nice people along the way that helped us out. It was a pleasant ride with this great weather.

It's in the low 80s today with light breezes. We are now sitting on our terrace again looking out on the bay filled with boats and watching the people in the boats in the marina. It's a great spot.

We have a couple of beers on ice just waiting for the appropriate hour to approach. The complementary hors d'oeuvres in the Club Lounge will come into play after we enjoy a glass of wine also from our terrace.

It's back to Tucson bright and early tomorrow morning so we will hopefully miss a lot of the holiday traffic and get back home before the afternoon monsoons hit (ha ha). We've enjoyed our impromptu trip even with the mass of people that came for the holiday weekend.

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