Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's A Super Snake!!!

Well, finally after 10 months we picked up our 2014 Mustang GT500 this last Friday at Shelby American in Las Vegas. This GT500 has turned into a wide body 850HP monster - Super Snake.

We flew to LV Friday morning getting in at 7am. We drove out of Shelby at 8:45am on our drive back to Tucson. Because of a break-in for the new 3.73 rear gear, we needed to stop after 25 miles and let it cool down for about an hour - and to do this 3 times.

The pictures just don't give you the full effect of the car, but with the wide body, the rubber under this beast is huge at 345s x 20" on the back. And the sound is a loud rumble. Enough to frighten anyone.

Our first stop on our way home to let the new gear box cool was the Boulder Dam. We played tourist and walked around and took some pictures. Needless to say, I didn't bring along my camera so these shots are from my phone.

After another 25-30 miles we found this little dive of a cafe - Rosie's Den Cafe - where we stopped and had a salad and hamburger. It was actually very good.
Our next stop was in Kingman, where we went to the Route 66 Museum and the Mohave Museum to get our history lessons for the day. Then it was off to Tucson with no other stops except at the airport where Jim dropped me off to pick up the Lincoln where we had parked it that morning.
After we got the Super Snake home the super charger was making a loud hissing noise that just didn't sound right, so decided we better not drive it to Cars & Coffee Sat. morning. So we took the Cobra and had a great morning talking with all the other car enthusiasts. Chuck, Kim and family showed up with their Corvette, so got to visit with them also. Another fun packed weekend filled with cars. (I need to buy another case of Quick Detailer to polish all these prize possessions.)

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