Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

This July 4th we find ourselves (totally unplanned) in beautiful San Diego. Jim came home yesterday from work about 2:30 when I suggested we cool off in San Diego. We were on the road by 3:30. Arrived at the hotel on Harbor Island at a little after 9:30 after a fairly easy drive (meaning not much traffic).

Here is what greeted us out our balcony when we got to our room - Moon Over The Marina.

This is what the view looks like during the day.

The people in San Diego really like to celebrate the 4th - every park and all of the shorelines along the bay are filled with families and groups setting up tents, getting the BBQs going, the kids playing games and settling in for the fireworks over the bay later tonight. We brought our bikes along and went for a ride this morning after our walk. Rode about 10 miles dodging people all along the way. I've never see so many people around this area. We took a rest at the far end of Shelter Island before heading back to the hotel.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at a deli at the marina by the hotel, then walked down towards the downtown waterfront approx 2.5 miles (one way, we still needed to return). The walk tired us out, so needed to rest while looking at this beautiful scenery.

The marina is sure active today and as the evening wears on, I'm sure a few more parties will be enjoyed on the boats at the docks.

Tomorrow another bike ride and just enjoy this beautiful 79 degree weather.

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