Sunday, March 23, 2014

Richard & Jane's Visit

Richard (Jim's younger brother) and Jane came to Tucson to warm up from their cold winter in Green Bay, WI. While staying with Jane's sister Linda, who also lives in Tucson with her husband Chris, Rich escaped each day to play golf.

Richard joined Jim and Greg for golf at Ventana on Wed. & Thurs. afternoons, then on Friday, Greg invited us to play golf at Dorado.

As you can see, it's always tough out on the golf course.

 Then Richard joined Jim and myself for an afternoon of golf back at Ventana. Our back patio became the nineteenth hole after being tortured out on the course. The Group Therapy practiced last evening was a trip through several wine regions along with a little BBQ.
We started out in Columbia Valley, Washington with a Chardonnay then traveled on down to Alexander Valley in Sonoma County, CA for a very smooth Cab. Going on up the West Coast, we stopped in Elkton, Oregon with a Syrah. Then on to the Columbia River Gorge for a Cascade Cliff Cab.   Now that we are really into traveling nobody wanted to end the trip, so back down to Napa Valley, CA for an Old Vine Zinfandel. To end our travels after dinner, we went to the dessert menu by going to Montezuma County, Colorado for a Port enjoyed along with dark chocolate kisses.

All in all everybody enjoyed our trip around the wine regions. It was wonderful having Rich, Jane, Linda and Chris along on this wine tasting tour and look forward to Rich and Jane's next trip to Tucson so we can take another tour to hopefully some new regions and continue our Group Therapy!

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