Friday, April 11, 2014

"Houston we have a problem".

For thouse of you on FB you know that we are in Houston for a Mecum auto auction. Arrived Wed. and drove directly to the Galveston Bay. Had lunch at Bubba Gumps on the boardwalk of Kemah .

From lunch we went to the Johnson Space Center where we went on the tram tour. 

The tour took us to the historical control center.

The last stop was to see Saturn 5.

You walk in the building and your first words are "WOW".

After our tour of Space Center we sought out our hotel. The traffic in Houston is terrible. We were comparing it to Seattle. 

Mecum auction on Thursday thru Sat. Lots of great cars, but nothing for us, but gives us lots of details and info on what we are looking for. 

Can't you see Jim driving one of these?

Gathered useful info on these Cobras.

It's Fri night and we are looking for dinner, we end up at a seafood place that turns out to be great!

We started out with alligator, then gumbo then Cajun halibut and Mahi Mahi. Great dinner - boy am I full.

One more day at Mecum then back to Tucson.

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