Friday, March 14, 2014


Our orange tree is just filled with wonderful fragrant blossoms that promise an abundance of oranges later this year.
It's been several (maybe 3-4) years since we have had a good crop. Last year I believe we only had about 10 oranges at the most. I'm so looking forward to the juicy sweet fruit. All of our citrus trees are doing great this year. Even our grapefruit (that only produced 1 grapefruit this last year) has blossoms galore. And our little Mexican lime tree will be producing more limes than I will know what to do with. Well, more lime pie at the Moon house.
Our backyard is just blooming all around - even the Oleanders look good.
Then our only rose bush is producing its early blossoms before it takes a beating in the heat.
And of course all around Tucson the wildflowers are popping out all over. Just love this time of the year.

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