Friday, December 13, 2013

Portland OR?

Why would anyone want to go to Portland OR this time of the year??? Especially on my birthday - we should be going somewhere that has bright sunshine, palm trees and 80 degree weather - not 40 degree bleak, dismal, dreary, wet weather. 

Yes, we are in Portland for Jim to look at a 1968 Mustang Shelby GT500. Flew out of Tucson at 7 am and got into Portland at 10:40 am and drove about 15 miles to Vancouver, WA to see the car.

The car seems to be in good shape. All the documentation is there.

Everything is going good except when he goes to start the car - it won't start. Worked on it for awhile then told him to call us when he has the problem fixed and off we go for lunch. Ended up at Beaches right on the Columbia River (WA side).

Sat at a window table overlooking the river.

Pretty dismal out there isn't it? Jim had fish & chips and I had salmon, pretty good. From there we checked into our hotel -The Sheraton at the airport where we get the Club Lounge again except here they limit your drinks to only two free ones. 

Heard from the car seller and probably will go back to look at the car again tomorrow am.

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