Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

We made it back to our RV in Indio on Sunday morning after an enjoyable trip to Anaheim for the Mecum Auto Auction. Even though we found 2 cars we were interested in, they didn't meet all of our criteria so we did not purchase any vehicles, but it was worth the trip. Our foremost goal was to experience a Mecum Auto Auction vs. the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. They are pretty much the same - maybe Barrett-Jackson is a little more formal. Even though our hotel room was nice with the free breakfast and happy hour each evening, it was nice to get back to our own RV and place.

Our schedule this week has been the usual - exercise/rest/golf/boat ride/dinner. Our golf games have been normal except for yesterday when an alien took over my body and shot an incredible round of golf which included a 85 yard hole-in-one on hole 8. Plus I shot a par round (it's a par 54 course). Go figure!

Today we just finished our exercise and Jim has all the ingredients ready to make homemade cranberry sauce and a pumpkin/cranberry nut bread (except we don't have the nuts here and I don't want to go to the store). Later we will put a 15 lb turkey on the Weber grill with mesquite wood for flavoring and enjoy our dinner after a boat cruise.

Oh, and for everyone who lives in a cooler climates - I just would like to say we have been enjoying and will enjoy throughout this week beautiful 70 degree weather with very light winds. It makes for pleasant evenings out on the patio especially for Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving wherever you spend it!

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