Saturday, November 23, 2013

Final Day

This is the final day of the auction and the day that 2 vehicles of interest are being presented.  The first one goes this morning - a 1967 Mustang GT500 Eleanor. It's only a replica, but even with that it will probably go over $100k. The other draw back is it does not have A/C.
 The second vehicle will be presented late in the day is a 1967 GT500 Shelby replica also - also without A/C.  So we will see how the bidding goes. If a steal then maybe Jim will bid. Which one do you think Jim would look good in the best?
We stand along the side of the staging area so see all the cars as they move up.
We head back to Indio first thing tomorrow morning. It will be nice to get back to our own place, this staying in a hotel room gets old.

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