Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gorging at Columbia Gorge

Since we have a day free, we decided to take a drive through the Columbia Gorge to view the beautiful waterfalls and visit some wineries. Our first stop is Wahkeena Falls.

Then we came upon the well known Multnomah Falls.

As you can see it's quite cold. But quite beautiful with all the frozen water.

Jim "ran" up to the bridge for a photo op!

The waterfall was quite impressive.

From there we continued east and found a few wineries. The first is Cathedral Ridge which we didn't find anything we liked.

From there we continued east then finally crossed the Columbia River to the Washington side. Our first stop was the Maryhill Winery. Really enjoyed their wines - so much so that we bought 6 bottles to be shipped home.

We stopped at another winery but didn't find anything we liked. Then stopped at Cascade Cliffs and fell in love with their Merlot and Cab. A case of wine will be showing up at our front door soon. The asst. wine maker gave us a tour of the winery and gave us a lesson on wine making. Included in that was tasting right out of their 2012 tanks that will be bottled in January. We had a great time.

By the time we left there we had consumed enough wine so headed back to the hotel.

We are meeting with the car seller tomorrow morning to see the car again. He's got the vehicle running, we'll see, still have reservations. Then we fly out at 11 am and get back to some warmer weather and out of this damp, dreary place. If we came here in the summertime, it would be a fantastic trip. But now I'm glad to leave.

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