Monday, October 21, 2013

New Exercise Program

I can't believe how the days just go by so fast. Here it is another month since I posted. But not much has been going on during this time. Just been hangin' out at home, playing a little golf (and I mean a little). This time of the year they are overseeding the course, and with the beautiful weather everyone wants to play golf - which means the course is just packed. So we have only been playing 9 holes late in the afternoons on Fridays and Sat.

So to find something else to entertain us and also give us more exercise, we bought bicycles.

We settled on what they call a hybrid/crossroad bike. It's not a street bike but also not a true mountain bike, but in between.  On the way home from purchasing them, we stopped at the Rillito River Path, which is a perfect place to ride bikes. It's fairly level, it's off road but paved and is 12 miles long (not that I can go that far). With Jim in the lead that first day, needless to say I only could go about 3.5 miles out before I had to stop and turn around for a total of 7 miles. I just am not fit enough to keep up with his speed. The next day, I went by myself and went a more normal speed for me and was able to do a total of 11 miles. But over the weekend I was struggling, so had to back down to 10 miles. My body just needs to build up more muscle. I'm definitely getting my workout.

No trips planned until over Thanksgiving heading back to our place in Indio - it's that time of the year again when we make trips over there to enjoy the fine Palm Springs area weather and to eat at the Country Club restaurant. This year we are taking a little side trip (we will leave the RV at Indio) to Anaheim to the Mecum Auto Auction where we will stay at the Sheraton close by the auction. Since we experienced the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Reno, we just wanted to experience the Mecum Auto Action to compare the two.

So until the middle of November, probably nothing to report.

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