Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flagstaff/Winslow Trip

OK - I'm a little slow in getting this posted as this trip happened Sept. 6th - 9th.  We went to Flagstaff for the Route 66 car show in historical downtown. Saw lots of cars, but it started raining in the afternoon so just went back to the Embassy Suites where we were staying.

Sunday we headed out east to Winslow. It continued to rain, but every time we stopped it miraculously stopped raining until we got on the road again. We stopped at Winona to visit a section of old Route 66 that went over this bridge.
Then on to Meteor Crater where 50,000 years ago a meteor hurtled at about 26,000 mph hit the earth and left a hugh hole in the ground. Enjoyed the visitor center there with a short movie and exhibits.
We stayed at the La Posada Hotel in Winslow. This Fred Harvey hotel opened back in 1930 along the Santa Fe Railway. It was open until 1957 then a couple purchased the property in 1997 and started restoration. It was restored in the late 90s and is a beautiful piece of history.
It is on the main east/west railroad track with trains going by frequently.
There are quaint courtyards.

Remember the Eagles song with the lyrics "Standin' on the Corner in Winslow Arizona?" Well, we can say we were "Standin' on the Corner" now.

Needing to rest before walking back to the hotel (a whole 3-4 blocks).
 Not much else in Winslow AZ but it was a pleasant stay at LaPosada Hotel and a walk through history.

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