Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Destination Two

We made it to destination two, Boomtown (just outside of Reno on I-80) after 325 grueling miles through construction, tight lanes, traffic, curves and mountainous roads.

Yesterday, we played golf at Valley Oaks Golf Course in Visalia. It's a muni that is pretty flat, wide fairways and was a pleasant round. Jim shot a 79 and I had 95. Then we went for a drive out in the farming area - ran across a small winery so did some tasting and bought a couple of bottles of wine, they were quite decent.
After we got the motorhome settled we headed for the Boomtown casino. Nothing much happened there, so went down to where the action is taking place. What's happening in Reno? HOT AUGUST NIGHTS! Classic cars and rock-n-roll. Plus Barrett-Jackson auto auction is this Thur.-Sat. Jim wanted to experience this since he watches it on TV all the time. So we are signed up as bidders to get full access. Here are some of the action at the Atlantis Casino parking lot.

This is the trunk of the above car. You can see how shiny it was with the reflection. I was trying to get a picture of the beautiful picture in the paint.

There was a stage with a band playing.
Jim checking out the cars.
Tomorrow, we get to get into Barrett-Jackson to view all vehicles that are up for sale.

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