Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Destination

We made it to our first destination on Sat. afternoon with no incidents. We are staying in a KOA park in Visalia, CA, which is rustic, but the electric works and we have a place to set out our Weber grill - what more could you ask for? We don't have satellite TV because trees are blocking the signal - so a few days without TV.

Now you ask, "Why are you in Visalia of all places?" Well, maybe the pictures will tell you why.

Here is a where the old road used to go thru a rock tunnel. The main road goes around this now.
We finally ran into what we were looking for - a Sequoia Tree!!! Wow are they big. Yep Jim- that's a real tree.
Walking around the forest where we stopped, we found a trail to Sunset Rock - it's a hugh granite slab of rock on the edge of the mountain.
A view from Sunset Rock.
Hiking back we stopped along the trail to pick a few wild berries to eat when we heard a noise on the trail in front of us. We both looked up and Jim spotted it first and said "A BEAR!" We both froze - not knowing what to do. We heard further noises and 2 cubs came out onto the trail. Obviously they liked the berries along the trail as much as we did. Luckily Mother Bear & cubs walked in the opposite direction than we were, but in the direction we were going. After they rounded the corner, we started to clap our hands, whistle and make as much noise as possible. That did the trick, they left the trail and went on their merry way. Although it took awhile for our heart rates to get back to normal after this encounter. Sorry the picture is sorta far away from the bear - I really didn't want to move any closer than I already was to this beautiful creature.
After our bear encounter, looking at big trees was more our liking. Here is the Sentinel Sequoia.
Here is the father of all trees - General Sherman Tree. It is the largest tree by cubic feet - not height. It's one big tree around.

Here is a view looking up at two trees side by side.
We came across this beautiful meadow.
Coming down the road we notice several people along the roadside taking pictures of something up on a cliff. So being curious, we stopped. There was this little black bear having his lunch on the brush. Notice the tag in his ear? They must capture and tag bears in the park for research.
 We had an enjoyable day in Sequoia National Park. Saw some beautiful country, plenty of outstanding big trees and cooler weather. Took along our lunch and stopped in a picnic area and had a wonder setting for our meal.

Here is Lake Kaweah that is on the way to the park. Stopped at a vegetable stand on the way back and picked up a few locally grown fresh veggies.
So now you know why we stayed in Visalia - a park that was fairly close to Sequoia National Park. We will be here through Monday and leave Tues. morning for our next destination. Might do a little golf tomorrow - don't have anything really planned at this point.

Stay tuned for our next destination.

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