Thursday, August 8, 2013

Auction Preview Day

Yesterday, Wed., was preview day for the Barrett-Jackson auto auction. There were cars, cars and more cars to look at.
These pictures show just a very small portion of the cars.
Here is where they were setting up for the big Opening Gala last night. We went, partook in wine and food and listened to a great band. Then they changed bands and the music wasn't good, so we headed back to the motorhome. But the food was great and enjoyed a couple of hours of great music.
Jim looking at a Cobra.
 After walking through all the cars at the auction, we headed downtown to experience the Hot August Nights. Talk about people and cars - what a show and it's only Wed. I can imagine what it will be like over the weekend.
The whole downtown was closed off and cars were everywhere - any make or model you would like.  Bands playing on the street corners. Concession stands everywhere.
After walking all the way (probably over 3 miles) from the Atlantis Casino (where the convention center is located) to downtown, we (maybe I should say "I") were tired, so took the bus back to the Atlantis Casino. Headed back to the RV to change for the big gala event.

Today the auction starts, so will be heading down there shortly to experience our first live auction.

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