Friday, March 22, 2013

Opening Day Indio Invitational

All aboard the Moon Venture traveling machine (RV), Jim Greg and Linda set out Wednesday mid morning bound for Indio to hold the Indio Invitational Golf Tournament. The trip was accented by all the beautiful wildflowers along the freeway. It's always to colorful this time of the year. We arrived at our lot in time to set up before our dinner reservation at 6 p.m. to partake in the prime rib dinner.

Thursday afternoon was opening day for our tournament. We played lowest score for our first round to get used to the course.
The day started out quite windy, but by the time we headed out to the course a little after 1pm, the wind had died down and it got quite warm - around 90 degrees. So on our first day we got acclimated to the heat and the course.
Our tongues were hanging out by the end of the round, so that first gulp of our refreshment (beer) after the round was highly enjoyed. Of course we had to congratulate the winner of the day - Jim for shooting 1 under par. Great score Jim - now you can let either Greg or Linda win a round.

We finished the day watching AZ Wildcats beat Belmont, took a boat cruise, then up to the restaurant for another fine meal.

Friday brings another beautiful day with bright sunshine, highs in the mid to upper 80s with 10-12 mph winds. The game for today will be our version of match play for three, where if two tie all tie. Another exciting day on the course.

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