Monday, March 18, 2013

Slim Pickin's

Last Thursday I took my first trek of the spring in search of wildflowers. They're out - but you need to search for them. This has been a late spring for the wildflowers, I imagine that by the end of this week into next week, the flowers will be at their peak and should put on a beautiful show.

My search brought me to me favorite Sabino Canyon.
Here are a couple of shots of some wildflowers, but I didn't too many good shots.

 The creek is flowing. It's so peaceful to sit beside listening to the water rush over the rocks.
We are planning to head back over to Indio this week for our annual Indio Invitational Golf Tournament. So my search for wildflowers will be put on hold till we get back. Hopefully they will still be in bloom. But I will keep you posted on the Golf Tournament on whether Greg or Linda can beat our two time champion - Jim.

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