Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day Two Results

Day two of the Indio Invitational brought a little more challenge to our games with light winds of 5-10 mph., but the temp was perfect around mid 80s. The wind didn't pose a big challenge, but just added more dimension. Our game of the day was our version of 3-way match play where two tied-all tied. Linda jumped out to the lead of winning 4 out of 5 holes, then went into a slump. Jim picked up the slack by winning 5 holes, while Greg won 3 holes. It came down to the last hole with Linda 1 hole behind Jim and she miraculously took the hole to tie. So off to sudden death for Linda and Jim. Both of their tee shots came up short, but the advantage was with Linda as Jim was in the sand bunker. His shot out of the bunker left him with a very difficult next shot - Linda ended up winning the hole and the round. Congrats to Linda!

We celebrated Linda's win with an evening cruise.

It was such a perfect day-
 to "Wine Down"!
We finished the day with BBQ ribs with our traditional mesquite flavor.
 Another fine day here in paradise.

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