Monday, March 25, 2013

Days 3 & 4

I would sound like a broken record if I kept giving the weather report - mid 80s bright sunshine and light winds - so until that changes, just understand we are just putting up with some ho-hum weather! Ha Ha, it couldn't get better!

Well on to our 3rd round of golf on Sat. (I had to stop and think what day of the week it is). We played what we call Round Robin where for every 6 holes we change partners and one person is single. If the person who is single wins a hole he (or she) gets 2 points, the partners get 1 point each if either of them win the hole. It went pretty even throughout until the 16th hole where Jim took a 2 point lead. He was the single at that time, so Greg and Linda needed to win the next two holes for Greg to tie with Jim. Under the fierce pressure, Jim collapsed and Greg ended up tying with Jim and went to a sudden death playoff. Greg won the hole. Contrats to Greg.

So after 3 rounds - we are all tied with 1 game each. After our boat cruise, we enjoyed Lobster night up at the club with all 3 of us having steak and lobster - very good dinner.

Round 4 game we played points for birdie, sandy, greenie, and hole. It started out pretty slow then Jim took a commanding lead on the 12th hole and by the end of 17, we announced him winner and went back to the RV to quench our thirst. Congrats to Jim who is now 1 game ahead.

Sunday night up at the club is Southern Comfort food (but it has been modified to be not so southern comfort) which we all had our fill. Greg had a bow tie pasta with chicken and Jim & Linda had fish and chips. Another enjoyable evening which included, of course, our boat cruise.

Since the photographer has been on vacation and not taken golf shots, I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the many flowers around the resort.

Jim ran into an old buddy.

Out for the morning walk.

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