Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tournament Catch Up

It seems this author took a couple of days off, so I need to catch everyone up on our most exciting tournament. At my last post we left off after day 4 with Jim with 2 wins and Greg and Linda at 1 each.

Day 5, game of the day was Nines, where the winner of the hole gets 5 points, 2nd gets 3 and last gets 1 point. Jim won after Linda gave last minute pressure, but to no avail.

Day 6 we started the game rotation over with a regular game. At the end of hole 16, Greg and Jim were tied. Greg went ahead and won after going to a sudden death hole.

Day 7 Jim won as we played match play.

Day 8 was Round Robin day. Greg gave Jim pressure on the last 2 holes, but Jim prevailed.

So after 8 rounds with 2 days left Jim became the winner of the tournament with 5 wins, Greg with 2 and Linda with 1.  Here's Jim after he accepted his trophy for the 3rd straight year.
A bit of relaxing after a long, hard fought tournament.
The tournament meals have been delicious every evening. Monday and Tuesday, the restaurant is closed so Monday we BBQ a turkey (Thanksgiving in March) and Tues. we had brats. Then back up to the club for prime rib on Wed.; Thurs. & Friday off the menu. We have been consuming our share of calories.

Friday we took a break from golf (since the tournament was over) and we drove to Desert Hot Springs to visit the Cabot Museum, which is an old adobe house that was built back in the early 1900s by Cabot Yerxa who was a distant relative of Henry Cabot Lodge.
See the picture of the sign below in regards to this carving.

"Greg, where are you going?"
"I'll have a 'cold one' while I'm sitting here on the veranda."

After our excursion to Cabot Museum, the bus stopped next at the local casino. Greg donated about $10, Jim came out about $2 ahead and Linda walked out the winner with an additional $44 in her pocket, which was immediately turned over into a 11 pound box of dates at the Shields Date store, which was our next stop on the way back to the RV.

Today brings our last day here in paradise. We will do a round of golf this afternoon with our final boat cruise before heading up to the club for our final dinner. Tomorrow morning we will pack everything up and head on back home to Tucson to wait another year for the 4th Annual Indio Invitational.

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