Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Time Flies

Here it is Tuesday already - it feels like time just flies by when we are over here - mainly doing nothing.  Yesterday we started the day with a long (4 miles) walk - well Jim walked and I road my bicycle.
The weather couldn't be any better, cool at night but warms up to almost 80 during the day. As you can see-bright blue skies. Here is some scenery along our walk.
Found several bushes with these pretty flowers along side the road.
We did our normal golf in the afternoon, then after we got the ham on the BBQ we headed out for our evening cruise.
Today started out the same with our walk/bike ride - relax until golf, then boat cruise. What a boring life it is here! Tonight leftovers from our ham dinner last night. It will take us over a week to consume all that food we made. Need to make room for Thanksgiving turkey though - the pumpkin pies have already been made and tested (just to make sure they were ready for Thanksgiving).

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