Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We will be putting the turkey on the  BBQ later this afternoon to enjoy a wonderful evening on our patio next to the motorhome eating all the scrumptious food, watching BB on TV enjoying a glass of wine. I hope everyone else will be enjoying their perfect Thanksgiving also.

The weather has been fabulous with relaxing days. Just been going for our walks/bike rides, golfing, boat cruises, reading, playing computer games and just relaxing. I do need to point out that on Tues. I finally had a better golf score than Jim. I was 1 over par at 55 and he was 2 over par at 56, then yesterday we tied at 60.

Last evening we enjoyed prime rib night at the restaurant, good as always. Those of you who are wondering why we only go to the restaurant here at the resort, it's because each lot must pay $1400 at the beginning of each season to use during the 6 months that they are open. And since we own 2 lots, we have $2800 worth of food to eat. That's more that we normally would use in a year (probably 3 years). So every time we come over here we need to use our credit at the restaurant. To us, we would prefer just BBQing at the lot and enjoying our own cooking.

I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Gratitude, praise and thanksgiving activate the divine laws of abundance. May all of you have an abundant day!

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