Sunday, November 18, 2012

Made it to Indio

We made it on the road Friday at 11am. Jim wasn't able to get away until then. Uneventful trip to Indio (the kind we like). Once we arrived and the patio washed off, cushions on the chairs, we settled in for a beautiful evening enjoying wine and a steak dinner.

Sat. we finished setting up outside, uncovering the boat and cleaning the casita. The RV was dirty, so we scheduled the RV washers to come out and clean it up. They were about an hour late, so our golf for the day was delayed until late afternoon. Jim shot a 1 under par which tied his best score. We'll see if he can continue his good play. After an evening boat cruise, we ended up at the restaurant for our first dinner of the season.

Today has been quite relaxing - just went for our morning walk then we have been enjoying a restful afternoon on the patio - such beautiful weather, in the high 70s. We will be heading out to the golf course shortly with finishing the day with another boat cruise and dinner at the restaurant.

I haven't hauled out my camera yet, so no pictures today, maybe in the next few days.

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