Monday, November 12, 2012

Catching Up

Yea, I'm a little slow in posting that we made it back to Tucson on Oct. 21st from our Oklahoma trip.  A total of 2,479 miles were added to the coach's odometer on this trip. Overall, the trip was a success with getting many items taken care of on the coach plus some more memorable times we had.

Finally all construction in our back yard is complete. The pool and decking was pretty much done before we left, but the grill was not complete. That was finally completed a week after we got home. But now we have a fantastic new back yard that we have been enjoying on the weekends. The fridge is stocked (and sampled), the grill works fantastic and everything looks great.

To complete the outside, I just needed to go around the house and spot paint places that were chipped/damaged through the whole ordeal. From all the patchwork the AV guys did inside the house, I also spent a day painting all the patches on the walls. So life turned back to normal for a little while.

On November 2nd Jim's father passed away, so we flew out of Tucson to Fond du Lac, WI (via Appleton) on Monday  11/5 for the funeral on Tues. One nice thing out of that, Jim saw cousins he hasn't seen since his younger days, plus seeing everyone in his family was great.  Wed. flying out of Appleton, it was a little touch and go making our connection in Chicago. First the flight was delayed because of weather in Chicago (that's what they gave as an excuse) then once we were all boarded and heading out to the runway, they stopped the plane, shut down the engines and told us that Chicago airport has closed down because President Obama was either flying in or out of there. But we made it to Chicago just as our flight to Phoenix was boarding - so all was well.

If Jim's work schedule allows, we will be taking off in the RV again to Indio this Thursday. Will post our fun-packed experiences.

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