Friday, October 19, 2012

Fort Worth Adventure

Today we traveled into Fort Worth (and traffic and road construction). So glad we have GPS because without it we would have been lost. We started out at the Stockyard, mostly touristy but was interesting to see.
We strolled up and down the street looking at the old buildings.
We stopped in at Cowtown Winery and enjoyed their wines. Surprisingly their wines were pretty good, so ended up purchasing 6 bottles.
We looked into the old hotel and saloon and found where you can get Buffalo Butt Beer while sitting on a saddle!
They also have a long-horn cattle drive down the road.

After all the excitement of the Stockyard, our appetite needed appeasing. So we headed off to Angelos BBQ for some good-ole fixins.
Seemed like a pretty popular place since we waited in line to get our brisket meal along with a pound of brisket and ribs to go. You never know when you will get hungry on the road. It was pretty good BBQ, but didn't really have a smokey flavor.
After our stomachs were full, we headed off to Grapevine, TX (a suburb just north of Fort Worth). We wanted to check our a RV park there plus stop at a couple of wineries. What a construction nightmare this whole area is. Traffic backs up, detours all over, it's just a mess. But we finally found the RV park. A very nice park on Grapevine Lake, with lots overlooking the lake. Maybe in about 10 years we will take the RV their, but not now with all that road construction.

From their we stopped at a couple of wineries for more tastings.

We left Grapevine with a few more bottles of wine in the vehicle. But now it's getting to be 3pm and we need to get out of Dodge before the rush hour traffic starts. Our GPS guided us back to the RV, but with some stop and go traffic throughout. Driving in big

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