Friday, October 19, 2012

Next Stop

The service and the coach washed by 4:30 pm on Wed., we were ready to get organized to leave first thing Thurs. am. Thurs. at 5:00am we woke to a chilly 46 degrees but low and behold no heater when we flipped the thermostat. Couldn't figure out what was wrong, so had to wait till 6:30 for the service dept. to open up. It was a bit cool getting dressed.  Come to find out all we needed to do was hit the reset button on the Aqua Hot - that working, we set off to our new destination.

West of Tulsa we finally stopped for fuel. If you think you are paying a high cost for fillup on your vehicle, just check this out! And this is only one tank, this trip we will put fuel in 3 times. The cost of taking your home with you.

We had a pretty easy trip to Weatherford, TX where we are staying 2 nights. Arrived around 3:00pm, so after parked (more like squeeze in our lot), we went to discover Weatherford. Nothing interesting, just a regular small city. Weatherford is about 30 miles west of Fort Worth. Didn't want to stay in Fort Worth, so opted for this RV park instead and will just drive the Lincoln into Fort Worth to explore.

The RV park is nice, all paved with grass and trees, but the lots are quit narrow with trees that are a bit close. One of our slides comes right up against a tree.

When we arrived I turned on the AC but the thermostat was not working. We called Newell to find out how to fix, luckily it was an easy fix of removing the fuse for 20 minutes to reset the thermostat. Worked fine after that. Early evening I put a load of laundry in the washer and we tripped the power to our lot. Jim went to the office to get someone to fix, needed to wait about an hour before someone showed up. In the meantime, I started the generator and finished the laundry. Our coach is all electric, so we need to be careful in some parks, their power lines are not heavy duty enough to handle what we use.

After all the challenges of the day, we settled in for a glass or two of wine and BBQ ribs.
Friday's adventure to Fort Worth will be included in my next post.

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