Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still in Bay 7

It's Wed. morning and we are still parked in bay 7 at Newell. Most of the repairs have been completed, but needed to wait for a part being shipped in today plus a few items still needing repair. Hopefully by the end of today we will be finished. Of course today's forecast is for rain (60%) so I'm sure once our coach is washed and sitting outside, the rain will commence.

At one point in our service/repair process it felt like the inside of our coach was in total disarray. Jim was helping in any way he could.
One of our ceiling lights didn't work and they had to take the valance framework off to get to the wiring to repair an imperfect wiring crimping job where the wires came apart. But all is fixed.
It's been quite boring just sitting around all day, but we need to be here to describe what we want completed so we are stuck waiting. We went out to dinner Mon. evening to Montana Mikes here in Miami, it's an ok steak place, prices reasonable. And last night we drove about 20+ miles to Downstream Casino and after playing slots for awhile we have dinner at their Red Oak Steak House, which is an upscale steakhouse. Steaks were good, wine was good and of course it all was a bit pricy.  

On the drive over to the casino, we started in OK drove into KS and through MO to end up at the casino building which is in OK. But their parking lot is in KS and the hotel building was in MO. Boy was I confused! I didn't know where I was! But we did make it back to our coach.

We plan to head out first thing tomorrow morning to destination unknown at this time, but will inform you when we get to the unknown. Until then, have a wonderful day.

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