Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Destination

And the winner is - Sandra! She correctly guessed that we were in Amarillo, TX. Her prize is a free BBQ dinner at our newly renovated back yard. Why were we in Amarillo? On our way to our destination - Miami. Miami Oklahoma that is, but why are we here?
This is where Newell Coach is located and our coach is needing a preventative maintenance service plus to fix a few items. So we make a 1200 mile trip to the NE corner of OK every couple of years. Let me tell you that there is nothing in Miami, OK, so the time we spend here is just waiting for the service to be completed. Luckily the weather forecast is good, so no tornadoes or rain.

We left Amarillo bright and early yesterday morning, watching the sunrise. Our trip only took us 7 1/2 hours with minimal construction along the way. To save about 100 miles we took a different route, instead of heading up I25 out of Las Cruces through Albuquerque to I40, we took a more direct route on a much more rural road Hwy 54. It worked out pretty good except for one section of construction, but with a savings of about $80 in fuel, it was probably worth it.

 Newell has spaces for people to park their RVs while waiting for service the next morning. Here we are all settled.

Here is a picture of some of the many service bays Newell has available.
Some of the used coaches Newell has on site for sale.
Work has begun, we are in bay #7.
Once they move your RV into a service bay, you can stay in your coach or they have a comfortable customer lounge. At night you stay right in your coach while in the building. They make it real convenient. The service will take at least 2 days if not more, all depends. Where we go from here all depends on when we get out of here.  I have a feeling it will take more than 2 days, so that won't give us much option on our route home. We will just have to wing it.

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