Monday, September 10, 2012

Still Construction in Progress

Here it is Sept. 10th and since my last post on Aug. 2nd, not much has been accomplished on our pool renovation. With all the rain it has slowed the deck process, even today they were scheduled to come out but we had rain again this morning.
We are putting in a built-in BBQ grill, so needed to run a gas line and an electric line on our patio.  So even our patio is all torn up.
To access the gas line, the plumber needed to cut a hole in the house, so the inside is a little torn up.

The rocks for the overflow from spa to pool and the waterfall on the right have been completed and looks good.
And our fountain out front has been completed and back in operation.

Then a couple of weeks ago, our TV in the family room went out, so now we are tearing up the inside of the house to install a whole house home theater system including a 80" TV in the family room, 60" in the master bedroom and a 32" in the workout/den with speakers in all rooms of the house and the system totally integrated. With 2 men working in the house, I've escaped to a quiet room in the back. But once we have this system up and running (hopefully by Thurs. this week), we will have the capability of music in all rooms (even garage), ability to watch movies streaming from Netflix, and feel like you are actually on the field watching the Wildcats win their games on the 80" TV and much more.

I would say we will have a tailgate party once we get everything done, but football season might be over with by the time the pool, decks, patios and BBQ are completed.  Hopefully when they get the pool deck completed, the pool will be finished within a weeks time, but I'm not holding my breath. The saga continues.

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