Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back in Tucson

We completed out trip when we arrived in Tucson Saturday about 3pm. Our day in Chowchilla (Thursday) was enjoyed by visiting a couple of wineries in that area then playing golf in the afternoon. Drove to Indio the next day (Friday) with no challenges. Saturday a.m. left after cleaning and laundry were done and made it back to Tucson with no issues. But as soon as we got the Lincoln unhooked, the monsoon decided to kick in and it got quite wet after that. Needless to say, I was a little drenched after directing Jim to back up the motorhome into the storage building.

After traveling 2845 miles with the motorhome, it's always a pleasure to get it parked again without any major issues and a safe trip. We had a great trip, experienced a part of our country we've never seen before and enjoyed all our stops along the way. I didn't keep track of the miles we put on the Lincoln, but it was a bunch.

Now back to reality - while we were gone, Pioneer Pools started work on renovating our backyard pool. This is what we came back to.
The rock spillway and waterfall has been redesigned with a concrete base to both. There has always been a leak in the pool and these are the areas that were leaking because nothing was underneath the spillway or waterfall.
The pool will now have tile around the edge and we are having new pebble tech put in so the pool will be blue now instead of the black it was before. It probably will be another few weeks before they are totally finished. 
In this process, we are also getting the fountain in our front yard a facelift. We still need to decide what we are going to put down on the backyard patio surface and the front surface. The flagstone we currently have is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.

We are home in Tucson until our next RV trip, which will be to Miami, OK to have the RV serviced at Newell. That will probably won't happen until Sept. or Oct.

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