Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coastal Trip

Sunday was a pretty laid back day, went grocery shopping in the a.m. then played golf in the p.m. The play was sooooo slow, it was at the point of almost unbearable, but we survived another round of golf.

Monday we left around 9a.m. for a trip to the coast (80 miles to Newport). We finally saw the ocean. It was a beautiful, cool, clear, bright day. Perfect for the views along the coast.
The Lighthouse at Newport made for a very scenic view.
I was surprised by the big, beautiful beaches. It's just a little too cold for me to get out on the beach, even though it was such a nice day, the wind cut right through you.
We stopped for lunch at the Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach in Newport for fish and chips again. Even though it was delicious, I think Ungers fish and chips in Winchester Bay was better.
After filling up on fish and chips, we headed up the coast a ways then back inland to wine country. We stopped at 7 wineries on our way home. Here is a view from top of the hill at Van Duzer winery.

There are flowers everywhere, from wildflowers along the roads to planted flowers at the wineries.
These flowers in particular were just in abundance at the Left Coast Winery and they were just so colorful.
 Didn't find any wines we enjoyed at the Johan Vineyards, they were all quite dry, not what we like.
 Emerson was our last stop for the day and found one wine in particular that we liked.
After all this wine tasting, we are a bit wined out, so instead of more tasting today, we are playing golf this afternoon at a course in Corvallis that hopefully is more enjoyable than the course where we are staying. The price is right - Tuesday special is $27 each. It's started out overcast this morning but forecasted to be sunny and 80 degrees this afternoon - I'll believe it when I see it. I don't know whether I could handle this type of weather, but it's ok for a change from 100 degrees.

Tomorrow we start our trek back home. Our first day will be a long drive, about 660 miles and 12 hours. We are going all the way to Chowchilla, CA where we will stay 2 nights (a days rest to just get over the long drive). Golf is included in the RV parks stay, so we will enjoy a round of golf in 95 degree weather again. Then Friday onto our lot in Indio then Tucson on Sat. Our trip is coming to an end, but it has been quite enjoyable and have seen a lot of country we have never seen before.

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